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Vectus GUI Modify Damage MORE ((FULL))

Short wavelengths (near infrared through visible range), penetrate through water, and can transmit through all anterior structures of the eye, absorbing in the haemoglobin in the retina, causing permanent damage to central vision. Furthermore, the human lens acts to cause convergence of stray, low power, reflected or scattered beam emissions, which can increase power density to a significant level of exposure. This is why regardless of delivery system (including fibreoptics used in endoscopic instruments) protective eye-wear must be worn.

Vectus GUI | Modify Damage MORE

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These weapons deal more than a majority of their physical damage as Impact. The damage ratio is important for physical damage status effects because the game weights the likelihood of which proc occurs according to physical damage ratio. Hence, these weapons proc Knockback more than Bleed or Weakened.

Because permanent extraocular muscle damage is more a product of intramuscularor intraneural injection than of the concentration of anestheticinjected,48,55 a less traumatic delivery of anesthetic can be used around the extraocularmuscles to achieve akinesia without risking either myotoxicity orneedle trauma to the adjacent optic nerve and orbital vessels. Usingthe sub-Tenon's space for this delivery allows for such atraumaticakinesia.

Nucleus expression extracapsular cataract surgery is a wastebasket termfor many techniques. Some surgeons maintain a relatively closed systemduring the procedure, with many sutures, preplaced and tied, after nucleusexpression. Some place a couple of sutures and begin irrigatingand aspirating the cortex with a large probe, keeping the incision relativelyopen. The nucleus can be prolapsed with the pressure of a musclehook or with an irrigating vectus, needle, or lens spoon. The sameguidelines that apply to intracapsular surgery are obviously more applicableto extracapsular techniques performed in a less controlled system, andless applicable to those performed in a more controlled, closedmanner. Certainly retrobulbar or peribulbar blocks can be successfullyemployed without additional facial anesthesia in most such cases. Parabulbarblocks have been used extensively, by expert and novice surgeonsalike, without a problem. One article on topical anesthesia advisesthe addition of a subconjunctival (sub-Tenon's?) injectionwhen extracapsular surgery is attempted under this technique.101 041b061a72


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