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Card Hunter Key Generator

The Hotel Keycard in the Last of Us is in a basement security and CCTV room that's easy to miss if you don't know where to look. Assuming you're at the locked door you need the keycard for, here's the route to take:

Card Hunter Key Generator


The Last Of Us Part 1 keycard and hotel basement generator can be found down the corridor, and right from the locked door if you go through the laundry room. The keycard is in the security room and the generator in the flooded basement. However, there's a Bloater and some stealthy Stalker enemies waiting for you. The whole area is a bit of a maze, with a boss fight if you're not careful. Don't worry though - we'll show you where to find the keycard location in The Last of Us Part 1 below, as well as the generator location and how to deal with the bloater hunting you as well.

Finding the keycard will only get you so far though as you'll need power to open the door. So, if you haven't found the generator yet, simply follow the steps above all the way to number 4 and then do drop down through the hole into a dark, waterlogged area.Immediately look behind you where you'll see the generator;on a raised platform against the back wall. It requires the same timed button prompt minigame as the other generator you found, but be careful - triggering the generator will summon several Stalkers and a Bloater to attack you so be ready for combat, and use the tips beneath to win out.

If you're fast you can activate the generator and then run to the door without having to fight too much. You might have to batter a few things to clear the way but it's possible to get the hell out of dodge without facing much more than that

Once the conversation concludes, head left towards the Pittsburgh Military Zone entrance. As you get close, you'll hear a gunshot. Hide behind a nearby car and three hunters will appear. If you'd like, you can kill them, although they're a waste of ammo as they'll eventually walk away. Hide behind one of the cars to the left and let them walk down the road we just walked up.

With the Optional Conversation and Artifact accounted for, head through the checkpoint and into the area ahead. This next section can be a fairly tricky combat encounter. We'll be heading through a bookshop that's absolutely loaded with hunters.

After entering the area, you'll hear three hunters talking ahead. Sneak up on them and wait for their conversation to conclude. Use your bow to take all three down silently, reclaiming any arrows you can after they're dead.

Now, turn your attention to the bookstore. On the ground floor, you'll find four Hunters, while a further four will patrol the landing above. Using the paths beneath the landing on the ground floor, wait for the hunters to finish their conversation and then pick them off while they're out of sight. If you're worried about one seeing you, use the bow to finish them off quietly.

A cutscene will initiate, as Joel and Ellie crouch behind a taxi as some Hunters appear up ahead. Once the scene's over, don't head towards where the hunters were stood just yet. Turn around and walk towards the graffiti sign reading "death for freedom". You'll find some scrap on the left side of this area and some resources to the right.

With the jokes done and the shiv door opened, head towards where we saw the hunters in the cutscene. To get up to where the hunters were, we'll have to get Ellie up to the truck. When you're ready, dive into the pool of water ahead and swim north until you find a wooden palette behind the trucks. Grab it and bring it back to Ellie. She'll jump onto the palette. Now, bring it to the truck the hunters were standing on.

Ellie will hop up and place a wooden plank between the truck the hunters were on and a second truck to the left. We now just have to reach the top of the truck on the left-hand side and climb over. Swim through the doors at the back of the truck on the left and use the side door to enter an abandoned coffee shop.

There are a few ways to go about this scenario. As usual, the most practical tactic is luring foes into each of the hotel's rooms and taking them down silently. There are around seven hunters to contend with here, so that shouldn't be too difficult if you're careful.

Exit the room and follow the path. Joel will eventually enter an area with spores, putting on his gas mask. Keep following the crumbling passage, ducking beneath the rubble and emerging on the other side. In the tunnel ahead, a flood of rats will run towards Joel. Loot the rooms to your right and left but don't power up the generator you find through the path on the right just yet. You'll find a ton of ammo and supplies... almost like we'll need them very soon...

Head upstairs using either path and then loot the laundry room north of you. When you're done, head west. You'll find a corridor that's clearly been privy to some super stylish Cordyceps aesthetic changes. At the end of this corridor we'll find a locked door that requires a key card to be opened.

With the keycard nabbed, head downstairs and turn on the generator we found earlier. For those who forgot, it's down the ramp in the kitchen area on the northeast side of the second floor. Unfortunately, that will conjure some unwanted attention. Namely, we'll have to fight a bloater and three more stalkers.

The best idea here is to get into a loop, as the corridors are tight and if the bloater catches us it's game over. Starting from the room with the generator, pop off shots at the bloater and then run upstairs and wait for him to enter the long corridor outside the laundry room.

Once he's arrived, pop off more shots until he gets close, then run to the keycard door and shoot him some more. Finally, drop down from the ledge opposite the keycard door and below to the ground floor, popping off more shots as the bloater falls to join you. Rinse and repeat the cycle until the bloater's dead.

Once he's dead, head upstairs and use the keycard to exit. You'll enter a stairwell. Ascend it and you'll reach a blue door. On the other side, you'll find a further four doors. The one on the right leads to a bathroom with some arrows and revolver ammo. The one on the left leads to an office with some scrap, supplements and a workbench. And the one opposite the workbench room houses some scrap. Loot all three and customize your weapons at the workbench.

When you're ready, head for the fourth door down the set of steps. You'll enter a kitchen, immediately hearing a clicker nearby. Before you can take it down, two hunters will enter, dispatching the clicker. When they're done talking, they'll split up. Although we can't see the other two, there are a total of four hunters in this combat encounter.

Silently take down the one ahead of you when his buddy begins to walk away. Wait for the second hunter to return to the kitchen and then take him down too. Finish the final two hunters and then loot the area for stray supplies.

Climb up the ladder and then Joel will be attacked by a hunter, being knocked into the puddle of water below. Your assailant will attempt to drown you. Mash SQUARE to try to escape. After a long QTE segment, Ellie will rescue you, cueing a cutscene. When you regain control, scale the ladder to the top and follow the path into the next room. Look for a door on the left that takes you back into the dining area.

All upgrades reflect a characteristic of the beast you are require to hunt to get them.And that's just the beginning. Monster Hunter: World has no traditional levelling system, all progression is handled through crafted upgrades. Create and enhance your and your Palico companion's gear and be the most skilled AND stylish monster hunter in the entire Fifth Fleet.

Give shape to your own hunter using the robust character creation, and then do the same to your faithful catlike Palico companion who is going to be an invaluable help to you on the battlefield, and a delightful distraction as it interacts with other Palicos in a charming manner.

If you encounter something too hard for you at the moment, you can always call for friends or send an SOS flare. Before long, you're in a team with three other players and the four of you can take on challenges few solo hunters can manage, or just lark about and have fun in a stunning world.Changing from offline to online play in MHW is seamless, smooth, and fast. Which mode is your preferred way to play?

Head outside again and get close to the blue truck. See that cargo that it has attached to its back? Move towards the connection and detach it. Then, hop onto the car and drive it around the corner of the deposit, where you'll find an orange generator. If you get close to it in reverse, it will attach automatically.

Place a wound token on this card to remove X wound tokens from a friendly non-droid trooper unit at range 1 and in line of sight. If that trooper unit has not been defeated, but has mini that has been defeated this round and no wounded minis, you may restore a mini and return it to the battlefield as if you had treated it. You may perform this >> Treat free card action Y times.

Hunter Education certification and your card number are required before applying for or purchasing a Colorado hunting license if you were born on or after 1/1/49. Colorado honors hunter education certifications from other states and provinces.

Colorado is divided into hunting areas called game management units (GMUs). Familiarity with your hunting area increases your chance for success. It is important that every hunter know the boundaries of their hunting license area, including private land boundaries. Check out the state maps and unit descriptions in the brochure or online. Scouting your hunting area ahead of the seasons can improve your harvest success.


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