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[S2E14] Bound

Kuroda had marked his territory with so many boobytraps that Austin and Gabella found it imposible to outflank all of them. One such trap left Austin wounded and unconcious. Tomas, feeling no pulse in Steve's right arm, left him for dead. Kuroda soon came upon the injured colonel and took him to one of his hideouts as a prisoner. He also bound his headwound so he could question him to find out the American's military objective. When Austin tried to explain to Kuroda that the war had been over since 1945, the kamikaze pilot refused to believe him. Likewize, he did not believe an instant camera could have been developed in the years since the war. Tomas Gabella turned out to be a traitor and was looking to get his hands on the nuclear bomb as well. With the help of three henchmen he atacked both Kuroda and Austin. During the skirmish Austin saved Kuroda's life. However, Austin's attempt to convince Kuroda that the war was over failed miserably when he mentioned that men, including himself, had set foot on the moon. Still, Austin managed to break free from the kamikaze warrior and began dismantling the warhead.

[S2E14] Bound

When she awakes, she is bound to a pillar. Sam tells her that, "My daddy shot your daddy in the head," in a sing-song voice, revealing that John killed Bill to put him out of his misery. Just before Sam can do any more, Dean bursts in, and Sam pleads again for Dean to kill him, or else Sam will kill Jo. Dean is unable to go through with it, turning away from an angry Sam who shouts that Dean would rather let innocents die than face life without his brother. Dean suddenly turns around, splashing the contents of his flask on Sam.

Reeva is paranoid, the Morlocks are under attack and not everyone survives the episode. There have been a lot of tough moments this season on The Gifted, especially for certain characters. After the bold move that Marcos made in last week's episode, there was bound to be some fallout this week. Let's find out what's going on in this calaMity.

Raise your hand if you love to Disneybound! I'm all about dressing like my favorite characters when I go to the Parks. Sometimes it's a low-key Minnie Mouse Ears and graphic tee kinda day, other times I am in full Disneybounding mode. When some friends and I decided on a whirlwind trip to the most magical place on Earth for Villains After Hours, I ...

The eighth and final season of ABC's beloved comedy series, Black-ish, is currently airing, and it's bound to satisfy viewers. It even features a guest appearance by Michelle Obama! Since its release in 2014, the series has received acclaim from critics and audiences alike, earning Golden Globe and Emmy Award wins. Black-ish centers around the Johnsons, an upper-middle-class Black family comprised of father Andre (Anthony Anderson), mother Rainbow (Tracee Elis Ross), and their four children: Zoey (Yara Shahidi), Andre (Marcus Scribner), Jack (Miles Brown), and Diane (Marsai Martin). Outside of highlighting the everyday experiences of the Johnson family, Black-ish also touches on relevant issues facing society today, such as racism, police brutality, and the election of former President Trump, among other topics. Due to the success and popularity of the show, many viewers are left wondering, why is Black-ish ending?

The three encounter the body of a hideous doll, its parts assembled by them. They are then greeted by the caller, a beautiful woman dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, whom Hanako recognises as No.2 of the Seven Mysteries. As No.2 tries to make the doll walk, it fails and she shows them the bodies of all those who wandered into her boundary and failed to accomplish the same task she made them do, now carved into faceless dolls. Hanako and Kou begin fighting against her, but they are at a disadvantage due to the area being her territory, hence amplifying her power. Deducing that the deepest part of the barrier is likely to be below the submerged ground where they had been standing on, Hanako pushes Yashiro off a cliff, and she awakens in a sunlit shrine. Yashiro finds an exercise book with diary entries written in sloppy children's handwriting, where every entry contains teacher's comments from "Misaki". Each page details the child's growth as she becomes more cheerful and outgoing, and her handwriting improves as well. About halfway through, the teacher's comments disappear and each entry begins recording a day where Misaki doesn't return to the shrine, as well as an incident where a teacher fell down the steps and died. The book ends on a chilling note as the child decides to "make a Misaki". Just then, No.2 arrives, and despite Yashiro's pleads that Misaki would never wish for her to do such a thing, remains stubborn and determines to slice her up, but Hanako arrives to protect her. Yashiro successfully locates a photograph of a class of schoolchildren and Misaki in the shrine as No.2's yorishiro and destroys the seal upon it, causing the boundary to collapse. Returning to the school, Hanako reveals the real identity of No.2 to be a talking fox statue called Yako, and kisses Yashiro on her cheek, calling it a "protective charm". Kou, who had been turned into a stuffed doll, is left forgotten.

I found it really depressing in this episode that Targun chose to convert her belief for a man who was in love with someone else. There were better ways she could've worked her way up to Osman bey's heart. (I doubt that too) But I hated how she thought that by just changing her belief she could get any closer to him. If her love was meant to be mutual, she could've been the enemy's daughter, and yet he could be fallen for her. But his heart already belonged to someone else. It upsets me when people especially women try their luck on taken men in dizis. Women know the value of love a bit more than men sensitively. You cannot value your love more than the ones who already are in love with each other. And then playing tricks to get that love is nothing but deceiving. Deceiving the person and most importantly yourself. Her faith had nothing to do with her love, if her love would be been real and meant to be; it already would've been something like Bamsi bey and his wife Hafsa (Helena) or like Savci bey and Lena. Love has no bounds nor is it limited to something.

The episode begins with a dream sequence as a bound and gagged Penguin dines with Gertrude. She tells him that life is hard, but Penguin is special. However, Penguin number 2 appears behind Gertrude and hits her over the head with a bat.

Set any series in Sin City and you're bound to get plenty of interesting storylines to pluck from. That's probably a reason why producers back in 2021 moved the "CSI" franchise over to Sinatra's old stomping grounds in CBS's "CSI: Vegas." As the fifth installment of the long-running "CSI" series, much like previous ones, the show has already seen new faces pop up for short or ongoing roles. Season 2 kicked off introducing Detective Serena Chavez (Ariana Guerra) joining the team along with original detectives Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), and Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria).

Sam gets the Jaguars together in a huddle and calls a play in which he will throw the ball to Chuey. As the players take their positions, Chuey tells Sam that he'll drop the catch, to which Sam replies, "That's up to you." As Chuey takes his position, he looks up at Ruben for a moment. Sam receives the ball and Al yells at him to duck as a Bulldogs player attempts to tackle him. With one second remaining, Sam throws the ball and Chuey tries to catch it, but it's out of his reach. The ball goes out of bounds and the game is seemingly over before the referee flags an illegal play against the Bulldogs, giving the Jaguars another possession. Sam calls another play and leads a "Roar, Jaguar!" chant. He throws a long pass to Chuey, who catches the ball for a touchdown, winning the game and the championship for the Jaguars. In the stands, Manuel and Celia are ecstatic, while Ruben looks angry. Sam and the rest of the Jaguar players lift Chuey into the air in victory, before another "Roar, Jaguar!" salute from a teammate knocks Sam to the ground again. 041b061a72


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