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Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Build, Manage, and Expand Your Cafe Empire - Free PC Download

Internet Cafe Simulator 2: How to Download and Play for Free on PC

Do you dream of running your own internet cafe business? Do you want to experience the challenges and rewards of managing a cybercafe in a realistic simulation game? If so, you might want to check out Internet Cafe Simulator 2, the sequel to the popular Internet Cafe Simulator game. In this article, we will tell you what this game is all about, why you should play it on PC, and how you can download and play it for free on your Windows 10 computer.

What is Internet Cafe Simulator 2?

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is a business simulation game developed and published by Cheesecake Dev, the same studio behind other simulation games like Streamer Life Simulator and Border Officer. It was released on Steam on January 7, 2022.

internet cafe simulator 2 free download pc windows 10

In this game, you will have to build, manage, and expand your internet cafe across the city. You will have to deal with various aspects of running a cybercafe, such as buying computers, installing games, preparing food, hiring staff, paying bills, attracting customers, and more. You will also have to face some challenges, such as street thugs, mobsters, power outages, and competitors. You can choose to play as a decent person or get involved in illegal activities. You can also customize your cafe with different furniture, decorations, and accessories.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 features much more detailed and different mechanics than the first game of the series. It has improved graphics, physics, animations, sounds, and gameplay. It also has a tech tree that allows you to develop your skills in various areas. The game is very realistic and immersive, as it simulates the day-to-day operations of an internet cafe in a dynamic city environment.

Why play Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on PC?

While Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is also available for Android devices, we recommend playing it on PC for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • You can enjoy the game on a larger screen, which enhances the visual quality and the immersion.

  • You can use keyboard and mouse controls, which are more comfortable and precise than touch controls.

  • You can avoid battery drain issues that might affect your mobile device.

  • You can access more features and options that might not be available on mobile versions.

  • You can play the game for free without any limitations or ads.

How to download Internet Cafe Simulator 2 for free on PC?

If you want to play Internet Cafe Simulator 2 for free on your PC, you will need an emulator that can run Android games on Windows. One of the best emulators for this purpose is GameLoop, which is designed specifically for gaming. GameLoop is fast, stable, secure, and easy to use. It also has a large library of games that you can download and play for free. Here are the steps to download and play Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on PC using GameLoop:

Step 1: Download and install GameLoop on your PC

First, you need to download the GameLoop installer from the official website. The file size is about 10 MB and it will take a few minutes to download. Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the instructions to install GameLoop on your PC. You can choose the installation directory and language as you wish.

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Step 2: Launch GameLoop and search for Internet Cafe Simulator 2 in the library or the search bar

After the installation is done, launch GameLoop from your desktop or start menu. You will see a user interface with different tabs and categories. You can browse the library of games by genre, popularity, or recommendation. You can also use the search bar at the top right corner to find any game you want. Type Internet Cafe Simulator 2 in the search bar and hit enter. You will see the game icon and some information about it.

Step 3: Click on the install button and wait for the game to download and install

Once you find Internet Cafe Simulator 2, click on the install button below the game icon. This will start the download and installation process. The game size is about 1 GB, so it might take some time depending on your internet speed. You can check the progress of the download and installation in the My Games tab. You can also pause or resume the download at any time.

Step 4: Click on the play button and enjoy the game

When the download and installation are finished, you will see a play button instead of an install button. Click on it to launch Internet Cafe Simulator 2. You will see a loading screen and then a menu screen with different options. You can adjust the settings, start a new game, load a saved game, or quit the game. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to control the game, such as F1 for help, F11 for full screen, Esc for pause, etc.

Tips and tricks for playing Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on PC

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is a fun and addictive game that will test your skills as a cybercafe owner. However, it is not an easy game, as you will have to deal with many challenges and problems along the way. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you succeed in this game:

  • Plan your budget carefully. You will have to pay for rent, electricity, internet, staff salaries, taxes, and other expenses every day. You will also have to invest in new equipment, games, food, and upgrades to attract more customers and increase your income. Make sure you have enough money to cover your costs and save some for emergencies.

  • Keep your customers happy. Your customers are your main source of revenue, so you need to make sure they are satisfied with your service. You can do this by providing them with fast internet, good games, comfortable chairs, clean toilets, tasty food, friendly staff, etc. You can also offer them discounts, promotions, loyalty cards, etc. to increase their loyalty and retention.

  • Upgrade your equipment regularly. Your computers, routers, servers, printers, etc. are essential for running your internet cafe. However, they can also break down, get outdated, or get hacked by cybercriminals. You need to upgrade your equipment regularly to avoid these problems and improve your performance. You can also buy security systems, backup generators, fire extinguishers, etc. to protect your cafe from disasters.

  • Deal with threats wisely. Your internet cafe is not a safe place, as you will have to face various threats from different sources. For example, you might encounter street thugs who want to extort money from you, mobsters who want to take over your business, competitors who want to sabotage your reputation, hackers who want to steal your data, etc. You need to deal with these threats wisely, as they can affect your business and your safety. You can choose to fight back, negotiate, cooperate, or ignore them, depending on the situation and the consequences.

  • Have fun and explore the city. Your internet cafe is not the only place you can visit in the game. You can also explore the city and discover different locations, events, activities, and people. You can go shopping, gambling, clubbing, dating, etc. You can also interact with different characters and make friends or enemies. You can also find hidden secrets and easter eggs that will make your game more enjoyable and rewarding.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is a great game for anyone who loves business simulation games and wants to experience the thrill of running an internet cafe. It is realistic, immersive, challenging, and fun. It also offers a lot of freedom and customization options for the players. You can play it for free on your PC using GameLoop emulator, which is one of the best emulators for gaming. If you want to download and play Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on PC, just follow the steps we have explained in this article and enjoy the game.

Do you have any questions or comments about Internet Cafe Simulator 2 or GameLoop emulator? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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