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Spiral Smoke Reveal

Spiral Smoke Reveal is an amazing logo smoke with colorful stylish reveal template for After Effects. You can reveal your logo with an amazing spiral smoke. The template is very easy to use, it includes controllers to change many things in the template such as smoke color style, flare color, background color, and logo reflection.

Spiral Smoke Reveal

This eye-catching template is a great way to showcase your products or portfolio. The realistically animated smoke ring blows toward the viewer transitioning between scenes and comes in 3 shapes: triangle, square, and circle. The circle smoke ring is so realistic, a creative filmmaker could use the transition as a visual effect in a number of ways.

An amazing Final Cut Pro template that features smooth smoke transitions to give your project a mind-blowing look. Easily drop into your slideshows, films, commercials, promos, or dance videos to create a beautiful abstract diversity in your clips!

The Ink-Smoke pack contains 10 transitions that can be used with a range of content, including photos and video footage. The striking design resembles billowing smoke or ink clouds in water and is sure to impress your audience. With the right text animation, these transitions could be used to create epic opening titles.

This 4K transitions pack contains 3 variations of smoke bursting across the screen and slowly fading away, and is perfect for adding a beautiful smoky style to your projects. You can use the alpha mattes to move between scenes or use them alongside text and logo animations for a stunning opening indent.

This beautiful indent template offers a magical and enchanting way to reveal your logo. With a billowing smoke effect and cool optical flares, this fairytale-esque 3D logo sting makes an impressive opener to any video project.

The Mystical Smoke Logo Indent is a beautiful opener for a video project with an edgy tone. The camera slowly pulls out to reveal a reflective logo surrounded by eerie smoke. The dark palette makes this indent feel gritty yet stylish, perfect for opening your music videos, creative films, and animations.

This colorful smoke logo reveal is super simple to edit in Premiere Pro, and an awesome way to start and end your creative videos. The twisting smoke columns and neon light effects can be adjusted for your own color palette, which can create a whole new feel for your project. Try an electric blue palette for a sci-fi feel, or greens and yellows for a supernatural atmosphere.

This smoky logo reveal makes a great opening for your film, but with a little creativity can be used for much more. The realistic smoke transitions can be built up and combined with other effects to create a stunning opening title sequence over your own visuals. You could even use them to create some cool mystical lower thirds.

This template opener uses both double exposure and smoke footage effects to create a gritty and cinematic feel. The subtle color effects allow your images/video to blend perfectly with the smoke effects and fade into the background, perfect for your films, music videos, and trailers.

This motion graphics collection includes 7 high-quality smoke impact clips that can be used for a range of VFX. You can use these video clips for logo and text transitions or composite them into your own footage to add production value to your project. The realistic graphics make these the perfect option for adding smoke into your scene.

With 70 high-quality transitions with realistic smoke to choose from, this template is a great resource for FCPX editors. Easily drag and drop to your footage and enjoy mixing up professional level effects in minutes!

There is no doubt that smoke video effects look cool and can add production value to your projects. Video templates can help you create stunning compositions that impress your audiences and clients alike, so get downloading and see where your creativity takes you!

"This is definitely the largest fire experiment that has ever happened," says atmospheric chemist Carsten Warneke of NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, one of the lead scientists. Wildfire smoke, he adds, is "one of the largest problems facing air quality and climate issues going forward."

One goal is to inventory the chemicals released by wildfires, including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, and a vast array of volatile organic compounds. Current models for predicting the chemical makeup of smoke, which rely largely on satellite observations, have a huge margin for error, Warneke says. In part, that's because of uncertainty about how much vegetation wildfires consume. New studies that combine data from satellites, aircraft, and ground-based researchers scrutinizing burn sites should help fine-tune those estimates.

Researchers will also use the C-130 to chase plumes during their first 24 hours aloft, to see how the chemistry of smoke changes as it wafts through the atmosphere. In particular, they hope to get a more precise picture of what happens to the nitrogen released by burned vegetation, including how much is converted into nitrogen oxides that can contribute to ground-level ozone, a regulated pollutant that can worsen breathing problems. Such data, Fischer says, could help answer questions like: "If wildfires are burning in the Pacific Northwest, what does that mean for Colorado air quality?"

At night, falling temperatures can cause smoke plumes to sink into valleys, worsening air quality there. NOAA and NASA researchers will track the plumes with aircraft, vans, and a drone. That initiative will also involve DC-8 flights beyond the West, into the Midwest and Southeast, tracking smoke from fires intentionally set to clear farm fields and prescribed burns in forests. The goal of collecting such a wide array of data, Warneke says, is "to do the whole picture at one time and understand how the whole thing plays together."

Beyond these projects, public health researchers are taking a growing interest in what happens when smoke blankets communities, sometimes for weeks at a time. Past studies have found that short-term smoke exposure can increase problems for people with asthma and other lung ailments, but "there's really not much information at all" about the effects of long-term, chronic exposure, says Curtis Noonan, an environmental epidemiologist at the University of Montana in Missoula.

Noonan was at the center of some of the worst smoke of the 2017 wildfire season, when Montana was hit by fires that burned 400,000 hectares. The biggest blow fell on Seeley Lake, a town of 1600 located 50 kilometers northeast of Missoula. The nearby Rice Ridge fire filled the town with smoke for much of August and early September 2017, driving levels of fine particulate matter to nearly 20 times the acceptable limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Noonan is now working with colleagues to gather health information from residents of Seeley Lake and several other Montana towns. They aim to track how respiratory performance, mental states, and genetic markers related to inflammation change when smoke descends. Noonan is also seeking funding to sift through health records of wildland firefighters to understand how sustained smoke exposure has affected them.

Farther north, Sarah Henderson, an environmental epidemiologist and veteran smoke researcher at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, Canada, hopes to track the fate of children born during high-smoke events. One big question, she says, is: "If you're born into really smoky conditions with your extremely sensitive, newborn lungs, what does that mean for you?"

As scientists prepare to tackle such questions, health officials in Missoula are preparing for a possible repeat of last year's smoke waves. The health department is stockpiling indoor air filters for day care centers, schools, and other gathering spots.

Looking for an out of this world effect that features an initial light explosion followed by a detailed smoke crowd that reveals the logo as it dissipates? This download would make a great opener for your sci-fi action thriller.

Another space-inspired opener, this would be an excellent effect for an astronomical educational series. It features a building light show that transforms into a globe, where your logo sits to be fully revealed once the lights fade out.

Check out these hand-drawn illustrations that use flashes of lightning before revealing your logo as the lights settle. Energy Explosions and Transitions would be a perfect opener for your anime series.

Another cartoon themed logo reveal, the Explosion Flash FX Cartoon Logo features a wave of light circling around before a piece of lightning breaks on the ground that clouds up for the logo review. This would be a fantastic opener for your high-action cartoon.

This one features a blast of color that reveals your logo quickly. The colors continue to move in slow motion and fade away from the logo. Check out this option for your promotional or commercial video.

A round ball of light is seen rotating on the screen. As it comes to full centered sphere lines of light shoot over the surface until the logo is revealed. It would be a fitting graphic for your next sci-fi opening.

As its name suggests, this downloadable video effect would be a great trailer opener for your next dystopian feature. It starts with a tame explosion of ember-like particles that ends in a logo reveal that mixes a series of lights.

Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal features a collection of flowing lights for the perfect modern logo reveal. It features an out of focus light particle background moving while two lights shoot out from opposite sides of the screen to circle together before orchestrating a light explosion.


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