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Call Of Chernobyl Crash On Start

It's crashing on ui_main_menu.script because _g.script is failing to load at startup. _g.script is where the SendScriptCallback() function is defined. Since you say you also get the crash with 1.2 by itself, I'm going to guess your 1.2 install files might be corrupt or incomplete. You might try redownloading them (I use the torrent version myself, for convenience). If you want to verify the MD5 hashes of your files against mine here they are:

Call Of Chernobyl Crash On Start

Ethnic tensions in the region erupted into violence prior to the quake, and Moscow was unwilling to accept Armenia's call for a transfer of territory, inhabited largely by Armenians, from neighboring Soviet Azerbaijan to Armenia. This has led some residents to suspect that Moscow is intentionally slowing aid as a stick to get militants back in line. That reasoning does a gross injustice to those who are supplying the assistance and conducting rescue efforts. It also does disservice to the 85 Soviet relief workers who have died in plane crashes trying to bring supplies to the region. 350c69d7ab


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