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buttplug-js works with both pure web builds, as well as node applications. To use buttplug-js with node, use the ButtplugNodeWebsocketClientConnector class instead of the ButtplugBrowserWebsocketClientConnector class. That should be the only change needed, all of the API stays the same. See the Documentation section for more info.


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Gizmodo: Your talk obviously dove deep into the technical aspects of the vulnerabilities you found, which you also exploited in a live demonstration on stage. But can you sum up basically how these buttplugs can be compromised and the implications?

The core of buttplug works as a router. It is a Rust based application that connects to librariesthat registers and communicates with different hardware. Clients can then connect over websockets ornetwork ports, to claim and interact with the hardware.

Buttplug-rs is a full fledged implementation of Buttplug, implementing both the client and serverportions of the system. Implementations for other langauges (such as C# and JS) are built on top ofthe Rust library. See the buttplug-rs-ffi repo formore info. 041b061a72


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