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Recto Verso by JB Mpiana - Listen, Stream, and Download the Lingala Classic

JB Mpiana: The King of Ndombolo

If you are a fan of Congolese music, you have probably heard of JB Mpiana, one of the most popular and influential singers, dancers, and composers of rumba, soukous, and ndombolo. Ndombolo is a genre of dance music that emerged in the 1990s in the Democratic Republic of Congo, characterized by fast tempo, catchy melodies, and sensual dance moves. JB Mpiana is widely regarded as the king of ndombolo, thanks to his distinctive voice, charismatic stage presence, and innovative style.

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In this article, we will explore JB Mpiana's career, his masterpiece album Recto Verso, and how you can download it in MP3 format online. Whether you are a longtime fan or a curious listener, you will discover why JB Mpiana is one of the most celebrated artists in African music history.

JB Mpiana's Career

From Wenge Musica to Wenge BCBG

JB Mpiana was born on June 2, 1967 in Kananga, in the province of Kasai Central in Congo. He started singing at a young age, inspired by artists like Papa Wemba, King Kester Emeneya, and James Brown. In 1981, he joined a group of young musicians called Wenge Musica, which included Werrason, Didier Masela, Adolphe Dominguez, Alain Makaba, and Blaise Bula. He became the president and the lead singer of the group, which soon gained popularity for its innovative fusion of rumba and soukous.

Wenge Musica released several successful albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as Kin E Bouger (1986), Bouger Bouger (1988), Kala Yi Boeing (1989), Kin E Bouge (1990), Pleins Feux (1992), Les Anges Adorables (1994), and Pentagone (1996). They also toured extensively in Africa and Europe, attracting large crowds of fans. However, in 1997, the group split into two factions due to artistic and financial disagreements. JB Mpiana formed Wenge BCBG (Bon Chic Bon Genre) with most of the original members, while Werrason created Wenge Musica Maison Mère with Didier Masela and Adolphe Dominguez.

Solo Success with Feux de l'Amour

In 1997, JB Mpiana released his first solo album, Feux de l'Amour (Fire of Love), which was a huge success both critically and commercially. The album featured 10 songs that showcased JB Mpiana's vocal range, lyrical skills, and musical creativity. The title track Feux de l'Amour was a romantic ballad that became an instant classic. The song Ndombolo was a fast-paced ndombolo anthem that ignited dance floors across Africa and beyond. The song Recto Verso was another ndombolo hit that featured catchy hooks and clever wordplay.

Feux de l'Amour sold over one million copies worldwide and won several awards, including the Kora Award for Best African Artist in 1999. It also established JB Mpiana as a solo star and a leader of ndombolo music. He also proved that he could make music without Wenge Musica and compete with his former colleague Werrason, who also released his solo album Solola Bien in 1999.

Other Albums and Collaborations

After the success of Feux de l'Amour, JB Mpiana continued to release albums with Wenge BCBG, such as Internet (2001), Anti-Terro (2002), Kipe Ya Yo (2004), Soyons Sérieux (2011), and Balle de Match (2013). He also released another solo album, TH (Toujours Humble), in 2000, which featured the hit songs RDC, Jeannette, and Omba. He collaborated with other artists, such as Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, Fally Ipupa, and Diamond Platnumz. He also participated in several concerts and festivals, such as the Africa Live Festival in 2005, the Zenith de Paris in 2006, and the Olympia de Paris in 2018.

JB Mpiana is still active in the music scene and has a loyal fan base that calls him "Papa Chéri" (Dear Daddy). He is working on his third solo album, which is expected to be released soon. He is also involved in humanitarian and social causes, such as supporting orphans, promoting peace, and fighting against malaria.

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Recto Verso: A Masterpiece of Ndombolo

The Meaning of Recto Verso

Recto Verso is a French expression that means "both sides" or "back and forth". It is often used to describe a document that is printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. In the context of JB Mpiana's song and album, Recto Verso can have different meanings. It can refer to the two sides of a love story, the two sides of a musical style, or the two sides of a personality.

In the song Recto Verso, JB Mpiana sings about a woman who is playing with his feelings and sending him mixed signals. He compares her to a recto verso document that he cannot read clearly. He asks her to choose between him and another man, and to be honest with him. He also warns her that he can also play the same game and make her jealous.

In the album Recto Verso, JB Mpiana shows his versatility and diversity as an artist. He mixes ndombolo with other genres, such as rumba, zouk, salsa, and reggae. He also sings in different languages, such as Lingala, French, English, Spanish, and Swahili. He demonstrates his ability to adapt to different audiences and markets.

In his personal life, JB Mpiana can also be seen as a recto verso person. He has a humble and generous side that cares for his family, friends, fans, and community. He also has a confident and ambitious side that strives for excellence, innovation, and recognition. He balances these two sides with grace and charisma.

The Songs and Lyrics of Recto Verso

The album Recto Verso consists of 10 songs that are divided into two parts: Ndombolo Part 1 and Ndombolo Part 2. Each part contains five songs that are arranged in a specific order: sebene (fast tempo), rumba (slow tempo), sebene (fast tempo), rumba (slow tempo), and generique (instrumental). This order is meant to create a contrast and a balance between the different moods and rhythms of the songs.

The songs of Recto Verso are rich in melodies, harmonies, arrangements, and lyrics. JB Mpiana sings with passion, emotion, humor, and intelligence. He addresses various themes, such as love, betrayal, jealousy, pride, ambition, and social issues. He also uses various literary devices, such as metaphors, similes, alliterations, rhymes, and wordplays. He also incorporates some cultural references, such as proverbs, idioms, and slang. Here is a brief overview of the songs and their main messages:



Recto Verso

A man asks a woman to be clear and honest about her feelings and intentions.

Feux de l'Amour

A man declares his love for a woman and promises to make her happy.


A man invites a woman to dance ndombolo with him and praises her beauty and skills.


A man regrets cheating on his wife Jeannette and begs her for forgiveness.


A man expresses his gratitude to God for his blessings and protection.


A man celebrates the beauty and diversity of his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Champion Kapangala

A man challenges his rival to a dance competition and boasts about his talent and popularity.


A man accuses his wife of being unfaithful and lazy.


A man advises young people to value education and avoid drugs and violence.

Bana Lunda

A man pays tribute to the Lunda people, one of the ethnic groups in Congo.

The Reception and Impact of Recto Verso

The album Recto Verso was a commercial and critical success. It sold over one million copies worldwide and won several awards, such as the Kora Award for Best African Artist in 1999. It also received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised JB Mpiana's voice, lyrics, music, and da


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