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The Man The Martian English Hindi Dubbed 720p PORTABLE

jain feels that the hindi version needs more awareness from the audience. they want to consume hindi films. they cant be expected to know how to watch a hindi film. so thats the challenge, says jain, as he just finished writing the hindi version of mission impossible fallout. its the same deal at disney. they are getting nervous about disney, because its leading to us releasing more and more films and disney is concerned that it will become too confusing. you cant make a good translation of a foreign film, but you can make it a good adaptation. thats my mantra. i want to tell a good story that feels indian.

The Man The Martian English Hindi Dubbed 720p

working with black and white films has been more comfortable and less stressful than colour. i would need to be sure the lead actors words and actions match to their lip movements. i cant think of an example, says jain.

there is no sacrosanct rule, we can do anything we can do in the english version and not violate the words. actors and dialogue match the mouth of the characters, and the dialect may not match the lips. says jain.

we are about to do spider-man with me in the lead and my name is rajesh. i am a punjabi like peter. spider-man has a large international audience. will there be an indian flavour? i dont know, adds jain.

we will try and get the feel of mumbai. i have read loads of articles and with a little help from voice and dubbing artists, we will make it interesting. the female characters do have a lot of freedom but the lead will mostly be toned down, says jain.

as a father, i want my son to grow up in a positive environment, says jain. i also want him to have a positive mindset. be it a man or woman, they should be treated with respect. there is a positive message in the movie, it doesnt have to be negative.


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