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Where To Buy Movie Popcorn

I am going to say no, that you do not have to see a movie in order to buy popcorn. Did I trick you? Sorry about that! That is the truth, though, you can buy popcorn without seeing a movie. There are actually several ways of going about this and I will guide you through them.

where to buy movie popcorn


Most larger theaters, like the AMC Theatres, do not require you to have a ticket for a movie in order to enter. Therefore, you can easily enter the theater lobby, walk up to the counter, and order a tub of popcorn.

I remember reading about a theater in Texas that does an annual popcorn toss, and one year there was a woman who accidently tossed off her diamond wedding ring when throwing popcorn at people. It took them ages to find it! What a mess!

And I always get some candy, mainly chocolates, to drop into the popcorn while hot to add to the mix. I also try to mimic this experience at home, which works well since COVID-19 took away the movies for our community for such a long time, a year, right? Yes, I believe it was.

So, now I have gone from making stovetop popcorn in a large pot with a glass lid to using an air popper, which is much better and more efficient in making popcorn. However, it is still not making it the way they do in the movie theaters, which is my ultimate goal.

Once the popcorn has finished popping into one of the large plastic red and white popcorn tubs I got just for popcorn, I add a teaspoon of the seasoning salt and a ton of the buttery oil. It is exactly the same popcorn salt that they use at theaters around the US, and I would bet they use it at AMC, too, even though requests from the company to know about their use of Flavacol were not answered.

I plan on taking our popping corn maker on the road for a road trip this summer. Having hot and ready popcorn in a hotel room while watching a movie will do wonders for our homesickness! If we suffer from that, which I am sure we will, but that movie theater popcorn will surely help.

Fortunately, four of my co-workers and I did the research for you. As part of an ongoing INSIDER taste test series, we put five popular brands of microwave popcorn to the test to see which one will satisfy your snack cravings the most. In the past, we've sampled everything from pie crust to vanilla ice cream to cheap beer.

Made in small, hand-crafted batches using only the highest quality ingredients...pure coconutoil, non-GMO seed, salt, real cheddar cheese, and ranch seasoning! A gourmet cheddar popcornwith a zesty kick to satisfy lovers of all things ranch! All by itself, as a salad topping,or a garnish to soups...our Ranch & White Cheddar popcorn appeals to popcorn fans of allages!

Made in small, hand-crafted batches using only the highest quality ingredients...pure coconutoil, non-GMO seed, salt, and a gourmet butter flavor. Get comfortable on your couch withyour favorite movie or TV show and enjoy our Movie Theater Butter flavor popcorn! Everythingyou would expect in a movie theater experience...but MORE. And the best part is, no waitingin line at the concession stand! Made in Wisconsin at our family-owned company. See thedifference, be amazed by the taste!

Made in small, hand-crafted batches using only the highest quality ingredients...pure coconut oil, non-GMO seed, salt, REAL cheddar cheese, and Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets Seasoning. A combination sure to please fans of Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets, Palo Popcorn's gourmet cheddar popcorn flavors, and any other snack lovers looking for a unique flavor experience! We took our gourmet cheddar cheese and combined it with the bold taste of Old Vienna of St. Louis Red Hot Riplets Seasoning. The result is a creamy cheddar texture infused with a sweet BBQ flavor, finishing with a perfectly hot taste profile! Made in Wisconsin at our family-owned company since 1963. See the difference, be amazed by the taste!

Now you can get the taste of Mexican Street Corn all year round! Made in small, hand-crafted batches using only the highest quality ingredients...pure coconut oil, non-GMO seed, salt, REAL cheddar cheese, and a Mexican Street Corn flavor. We used our cheddar cheese popcorn as a base for this explosion of flavor...a little sweet with touches of garlic, lime, sour cream, butter, etc. This may be our most flavorful popcorn to date!

This movie theater popcorn recipe is the answer to that question we all ask ourselves at the movies..."Is it possible to make popcorn this good at home?" YES IT IS! My recipe is easy to follow, fast, and foolproof.

It will have six total items in the line which include three varieties of microwave popcorn and three types of ready-to-eat popcorn. The flavors are Classic Butter, Extra Butter, and, for those seeking a lower sodium solution, Lightly Salted. The extra butter pack will come with topping packets.

"With the launch of AMC Theatres new line of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn, AMC yet again makes good on a promise made to our moviegoers and our investors," Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres, said in a news release.

SHIPPING INFORMATIONOrders ship Monday through Friday within 48 business hours with tracking numbers. Occasionally delays happen due to popcorn production, weather, shipper delays out of our control (UPS or USPS), and events out of our control. If you need an order by a specific date, give yourself some extra time. Do not wait until the last moment.

Perhaps you're a spice seeker in search of Chile Lime Popcorn, a sweet tooth on a mission to track down the best Caramel corn, or a chocolate lover looking for the most decadent chocolate* drizzled popcorn. No matter what your preference, we have you covered. With plenty of Vegan and Gluten Free options, everyone can enjoy a little taste of Austin, TX. Buy gourmet popcorn online today and have the best snack at your next party, corporate event or family gathering. We have popcorn tins, party favors, popcorn bags and more!

Choose from specialty themed tins or our traditional Cornucopia branded tins. Get everyone's favorite with multiple flavors in each tin! Fill with one, two, three, or four flavors! Perfect for parties, events, or a special movie night! Looking for a snack for a big group of people? Create a popcorn bar! These tins also ship easily for a gift that POPS. Are you local to Austin? Refill any of our tins at one of our shops for 50% off the original price!

Looking for popcorn gifts for that special someone? Why give the same old thing when you can be creative and give something delicious? Say thank you or celebrate a special occasion with gourmet popcorn gift sets. Whether you're looking for popcorn gifts to celebrate a new mom or popcorn gift tins for a birthday, we have the best gifts for popcorn lovers! Our selection of over 30 different popcorn flavors, paired with the best vegan popcorn selection around is sure to offer the best popcorn gifts online! Choose from cheesy popcorn, caramel corn, chocolate popcorn, candy popcorn and more. Don't wait to treat your friends and family with popcorn gifts and add a customized message for free!

Want a fresh way to increase revenue for your business? Partner with Cornucopia Popcorn to sell our products in your retail or boutique store! Apply to be a wholesale partner below, or email us at

Looking at detailed revenue data for a chain of movie theaters in Spain, Wesley Hartmann, associate professor of marketing at Stanford GSB, and Ricard Gil, assistant professor in economics at University of California, Santa Cruz, proved that pricing concessions on the high side in relation to admission tickets makes sense.

Should theaters flirt with raising their ticket prices then? No, says Hartmann. The die-hard group does not represent the average movie viewer. While the film-o-philes might be willing to pay, say, $15 for a movie ticket, a theater that tried such a pricing tactic would soon find itself closing its doors.

The home popcorn will be available in select Walmart stores on March 11, the day before the 95th Academy Awards. In April, the line will be on the shelves at more than 2,600 Walmart locations and on

The six-count microwave popcorn varieties are expected to retail for $4.98, plus tax, while the ready-to-eat popcorn bags are expected to sell for $3.98, plus tax. The flavors include classic butter, extra butter and lightly salted.

"With the launch of AMC Theatres new line of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn, AMC yet again makes good on a promise made to our moviegoers and our investors," AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron said in a press release. "We will enter the multi-billion-dollar retail popcorn industry with at-home popcorn that features the authentic taste of real movie theatre popcorn."

Watching movies at home is no fun without movie theater popcorn, so we're bringing it back to you, social-distancing style. Each combo is a great deal: fresh popcorn, an ever-rotating set of candy and beverage options, and the essence of the cinema all bundled together. This week, to celebrate the cyber return of CUFF, we have a watch party special. CUFF has been going strong for 27 years and we're not about to break the streak!Place an online order in advance, and it will be available to pick up on Saturday (8/22) from 12-2 pm.At pick up, all you need to do is present your credit card. Your confirmation number will be the last 4 digits of your card used to purchase. Buying a 21+ beverage combo? Remember to bring your photo ID to pick-up. The name on it must match the name on your order. 041b061a72


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