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[S2E10] Betrayal REPACK

With Nia now knowing about Murphy's betrayal, she goes after the latter herself, infuriated. Nia wants to kill Murphy; she has Felix and Max tied up in another room. As Max and Felix listen on helplessly, Nia beats up Murphy within an inch of her life. She then takes her gun out. When we hear shots, Max and Felix are both devastated. But hey, the real person who was shot was Nia herself. Jess Damon (Brooke Markham) had come back after being MIA from Chicago for the past couple of episodes.

[S2E10] Betrayal

After her final betrayal, Louis orders Montespan to remain at Versailles. She will be assigned to eternal penitence, no drinking, gambling or partying. She will have to live among the opulence, but remain pious. This is her worst nightmare. And then, even worst, Maintenon, her old friend, consoles Louis.

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode does not reveal much of what's about to go down in the upcoming episode simply titled "The Mockingbird." It just goes on to say that while Alice and Ben (Peter Krause) are forced to face their fasts, a betrayal they have not seen coming may end up changing everything. As to whether this change is for the better or for the worse is pretty much debatable.

An overwhelming presence overcomes all of them, a feeling that all organics must be punished. This is a sacred place, a sanctuary to all synths and that the organics have no place being here, they must leave or suffer the consequences. Overcome by a strong urge and hatred towards organics Johnny who is normally friendly and caring finds himself lashing out towards Duncyn. In shock Duncyn who considers the synths to be her dear friends and family is shocked by the sudden betrayal as even more synths group up against him. The brave Pepper who followed them into the place stands herself before him, blocking Static, Johnny and anyone else who dares approach and harm Duncyn.[2] Duncyn pleads that all he wants is for the synths to be free, and begs them not to force him to run away from his own family - but it is no good. The synths are determined.

The captives are gathered up at a central location and are treated using "Titan"s healing nanites, stabilized but paralized they have not yet served their purpose. Among the captives however Ash has already passed away and the nanomachines do her no good. McCuldger on a side note is healed from his brain damage, perhaps changing him forever. Back in Scrap Town Pepper is brought to the hospital for emergency care but has sustained so many injuries that she could not be saved. Duncyn wakes up on the way back to town seeing A2 holding him in her arms and is in tears recounting the terrible betrayal from the Synths - her dear family. 041b061a72


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