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Where To Buy Sperry Flip Flops

Find your sure footing and embark on your next escapade; embrace the nautical spirit when you're at sea, on the beach, or enjoying the warm weather with stylish Sperry sandals for women. Perfect for land-based adventures and sea-worthy escapes, Sperry women's sandals combine the iconic Sperry tradition of craftsmanship with today's latest fashions. Sperry women's sandals and wedges come in a variety of warm-weather dressy and casual styles for the beach and beyond, including thong sandals, strappy sandals, flip flops, wedge sandals, and wedge flip flops. Ideal for exploring your local shores or exotic locales, Sperry sandals for women come in a range of colors like classic neutrals, shimmering metallics, and bright pops of fun seasonal shades and patterns; they're are also available in a variety of materials like durable, premium leather, and canvas. Make Sperry women's wedges and sandals the go-to warm-weather footwear choice, and embrace a tradition of bold, sea-inspired style.

where to buy sperry flip flops


As the weather cools, it's a great time to score summer fashions on clearance. Last year, this category accounted for about 9% of the deals during Black Friday week. Look for boat shoes at Sperry from $24, loafers at Crocs from $25, espadrilles at Sperry from $21, Havaianas flip flops as low as $9 at Barneys, and Ralph Lauren lace-ups at stores like Macy's for around $20. 041b061a72


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