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P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (MP3 and Lyrics) - The Song of the Summer

It\u2019s late afternoon now on this first day of June and I\u2019m spending some time with the rhododendrons. The previous owners planted these shrubs many years ago and today, their pink blossoms are exploding in the sunshine. I\u2019ve spent the last several hours breathing fresh air and writing this fresh episode of \u201CLiving in a Body.\u201D As expected, my symptoms eased up a bit after lunch and I\u2019ve been able to enjoy the flow of the creative process out here on the porch. I\u2019m interested in the change of thinking that comes with the changing severity of my symptoms. With more ease in my breath and less pain in my legs, I\u2019m much more able to enjoy my life. I\u2019m much more able to put it all into perspective.

pink cover me in sunshine mp3 download


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