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3 : The Rumors Of The Steel Lady

She takes on the image of the idol Karin Nanase, the only physical difference being the gaping hole where her face should be. As a part of her ensemble, she carries a steel I-beam, similar to the one that smashed Karin Nanase's face and took her life.

3 : The Rumors of the Steel Lady

She first appeared in a faraway city named Makurazaka. The rumor is that night after night, Nanase manifested and crawled out from under the pile of girders as if being reborn. She wears the same outfit she did when she was an idol lugging around the same steel beam that crushed her face.

Supernatural Strength: Steel Lady Nanase's inhuman strength makes her a deadly combatant, outmatched both Kotoko Iwanaga and Saki Yumihara. She could 'kill' Kuro Sakuragawa multiple times if it wasn't for Kuro's immortality. She fights with the steel beam she always carries as her main weapon.

Rilia-Renée was a normal girl who was transformed into an artificial steel being. Feared by the people, she fled town and eventually became a warrior, traveling to undo her curse. Due to her steel body, she was invulnerable and later became famed as a hero on the battlefield, serving a famous young king for whom she harbored unrequited feelings. At some point, she heard the Witch of the Abyss tell her how she understood nothing. Later encountering a powerful enemy force, Rila-Renée was defeated and killed, having her body buried in a grave with an epitaph that said: "Here lies a doll that believed it was human".

  • Episode 3: The Rumors of the Steel Lady Kotoko's input on the Steel Lady when she confronts her and SakiSaki: I can sense it. That presence is totally real! Kotoko: Those giant knockers are real as well. Saki: Is that really relevant right now!?

  • After the Steel lady escapes, Kotoko realizes who Saki and happily introduces herself to her... as Kuro's new girlfriend. This prompts Saki to wordlessly punch Kotoko in the face.Kotoko: Meep!

  • Episode 14: The Yuki-Onna's Dilemma Masayuki's story starts like the typical Yuki Onna tale: Gravely injured while mountain climbing, he sees Yuki-Onna who offers to save his life. However, he's unusually snarky about his circumstances, leading to plenty of back-and-forth teasing with her throughout the episode.

  • As it turns out, Yuki-Onna has been consulting with Kotoko offscreen for relationship advice, and has no objections to them sleeping together as long as they use contraception.Masayuki: Maybe we can't trust this lady after all...

The girl in the steel corset is a rather light funny read with headstrong nice characters. The world building and language were good and I did not have problems with understanding what goes where. Characters are the strongest plus of this book. They were all nice and each one had a story to tell. I only had issues with the abundance of strange technology, maybe less of this machines would make book a better read for me. Also, the pace of the book felt a little bit rushed at times. I can see some plot holes in there, but I know that the second book will be way better and it is enough for me to know that.

I can't say that I was impressed by this book nor was it original. But it was a solid read and has a great potential to be better in the next part. For the first book of the series this one was a fast paced read with nice characters and intriguing world building. Recommend to the fans of a strong kick ass female characters and steam punk lovers. If you haven't read steam punk yet, The girl in the steel corset is a good start for you.

Before then, women squeezed themselves into corsets that molded their figures to fit the Victorian ideal: a voluptuous bosom atop a teensy waist. But since corset frames were mostly made of metal, which was needed for ammunition and other military supplies, the U.S. War Industries Board asked American women in 1917 to stop buying them. Around the same time, the modern-day bra emerged, freeing up wartime steel and women alike.

Lysandria "Lala" Coreano, wanting to overcome a fear of motorcycles took the Riders Edge Course on the Space Coast of Florida and immediately fell in love with riding and before she graduated the class she already bought her first motorcycle! Looking to ride with likeminded women she came across a video of Anne Zube on the internet and joined immediately and got to work on building a network of lady riders throughout Florida and the Nation! Lala, is a proud Navy Veteran, Mother and Wife with a passion for people and riding to new locations! 041b061a72


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