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** Rhea Perlman plays the white female coach of a black male basketball team at an inner-city high school. Like every scrappy coach in the history of movies, she gets involved in the personal lives of her players while boosting their morale for the big game at the climax. Although a few scenes develop human interest, it's mostly one clich after another. Steve Gomer directed. P V

At least for my generation, there are few more memorable movie moments than the riot scene in Do The Right Thing. Building to this climax, the classic New York film moves slowly, almost predictably toward violent conflict between African American residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant and white police and shopkeepers, the latter of whom at the time and still to some extent today are seen as intruders by natives of that corner of Brooklyn. After the boombox-blasting character known as Radio Raheem is choked to death by NYPD, virtually Eric Garner-style to a tragic T, the neighborhood erupts into a frenzy, a summer of harassment boiling over.

Mario Bava is one of the most colorful filmmakers in horror history, blasting his films with dazzling tones whenever it pleased him. But in his first outing behind the camera, it pleased him to make one of the most sumptuous black-and-white horror movies ever produced: Black Sunday, a tale of witchcraft and vampirism.

But it is also one of the most romantic of the classic monster movies, with Boris Karloff giving a sincerely affectionate performance as the title monster, who longs to bring his love back to the 20th century with him. And The Mummy bestows a majesty to its supernatural elements that make the film otherworldly and alluring.

Technically a sequel, this second installment in the South Korean Whispering Corridors series is probably the most well-known of the movies, none of which share characters or connected storylines. Memento Mori is a classically surreal, stylish, and eerily beautiful ghost story of the modern, Eastern horror film tradition, made more notorious at the time of its release by its depiction of teenage lesbian romance (almost unheard of for a commercial film in the culturally conservative nation). It tells the tale of star-crossed couple Hyo-Shin (Yeh-Jin Park) and Shi-Eun (Yeong-Jin Lee), students at an all-girl high school, through the eyes of fellow student Soh Min-ah (Gyu-ri Kim), who discovers their shared diary. Hyo-Shin commits suicide after bullying from their peers causes Shi-Eun to leave her, and soon the school is terrorized by escalating paranormal chaos. 041b061a72


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