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[S1E5] Here's Looking At You

LARA:No, and I definitely think that's important for us to do because we can say it's one of those terms like maybe we kind of get the general concept. But until we actually put words to it, it's kind of this abstract idea. So yeah, whenever I think about ecosystems, it's simply the organisms within whatever particular habitat you're looking at interacting with each other as well as their physical environment is kind of the most basic way to explain it.

[S1E5] Here's Looking at You


And when we do that, immediately the temperature drops about five, ten degrees it feels like. It's so much cooler. You can hear birds now. The air almost feels a little bit moist and refreshing. And then you come out from the other side of that park and now you're in a neighborhood. You can still hear some birds that may be fewer. There's dappled shade and sun shooting through the tree canopy.And that feeling you had when you drive off of the busy road under a tree canopy into that microclimate, that ecosystem is providing so many pleasurable benefits to you. And because you're in a Jeep with no doors, you feel it all. It's amazing what a nice little stand of trees can do for our neighborhoods as far as temperature.

LARA:So you can see there's a lot of components there to urban forest management, but we still haven't yet really told you guys like what makes up an urban forest. And in talking to Shannon, you know, as we were preparing for this episode, she had this really good just I thought way of describing it. So Shannon, can you tell everyone what you told me?

SHANNON:Of course. When I talk about urban forestry with our communities, I ask them to imagine a neighborhood full of trees. And so if we are looking at all those trees in those individual properties, it feels like we're looking at a group of individual trees. But if we were to look at that same neighborhood and take away all the roads and houses and people and cars, most people would call that group of trees a forest.It's not a forest that naturally exists. There's going to be a bunch of weird species in there from landscaping. But if you looked at it and I asked you to put a name on it, you would probably call it a forest. And so that's what we're talking about when we're talking about an urban forest. It's the entirety of the trees in an area that is also urban.

If there is no tree on a property that I am looking at, like I am not even considering purchasing that house. And there's been research to show that just having trees on your property increases your property value.

Same thing with overhead electric wires. So if you live in an area that has power lines that are above the houses in your neighborhood, that's when we start to look at trees and hurricanes and the potential issues they can cause. But there's a silver lining to this, and that is in Florida we have some wonderful research which suggests that a lot of our native tree species are highly adapted for wind storms.

SHANNON:Awesome! So everyone, you know, get a friend, go out to your backyard, or if you don't have trees on your property, go to your favorite park. Do exactly as Lara said, try to estimate diameter of a species you recognize that's on the list. Go to and calculate out your National Tree Benefit Calculator results. And I think you'll have a lot of fun looking at the different ways that your trees influence property value, energy, air quality and more.

She comes upon Daemon, looking for all the world, in his pointy hood, like a tall, sickly Jawa. She throws some of the unkind words he's been saying about her back in his blank, impassive face, and lets us know that they've never had sex. Daemon's keeping it on-brand, in that sense. She realizes too late that she's a loose end he's looking to wrap up, and before he brains her with a rock she gets in a good burn about how he "couldn't finish." Aaaaand that's a show wrap for Lady Rhea Royce, folks. Left a bigger impression than her less-than-two-minutes of screentime would lead you to expect.

Back on Driftmark, the king arrives at High Tide, the castle Corlys Velaryon built, and instead of a royal welcome, there's just Laenor and Ser Joffrey Lonmouth playing Westerosi grab-ass (read: sword-fighting OH STOP YOUR SMIRKING) in the courtyard.

Because, as previously discussed, there's not a lot to do in Sanditon, everyone is down at the beach for the cricket match. Charlotte's wearing an outfit with artichoke shaped shoulder embellishments that would get absolutely ROASTED on Project Runway.

WAY out in the outfield, Babs is looking at butterflies (or more accurately, Folgers Sister). She tells him that Lady D made her write that letter, and that she's not impressed by Babs and his weird friend Crowe. He wants to prove her wrong, and is so invested in waiting for her answer that he completely misses the ball sailing past him. All the guys on his team:

As the MiB helps Teddy down, Lawrence comments that he didn't take him for the charitable type, and suggests he should have left him on the tree to die. Helping Teddy to the foot of a tree, the MiB asks Lawrence if he believes in fate? If the bitch exists, Lawrence replies, he'd like to kick her in the teeth right about now. Don't be so glib, the MiB tells him, he'll hurt his feelings...and then quotes Dolores, another 'old friend', saying there's a path for everyone and Lawrence's path leads him back to him. Getting himself a drink he asks Lawrence has he ever wondered why it is he has kept him with him the entire journey? The pleasure of his company, Lawrence replies sarcastically. Laughing, the MiB figures maybe he does, saying there's not a man in the (real) world that would take the tone with him that Lawrence does. In a past life perhaps. Looking over at Teddy he figures he doesn't look long for the world. There's healers in Pariah, Lawrence tells him, but there's no way Teddy will make it that far. He's lost too much blood.

They're interrupted a moment later by the voice of a boy, asking if they are lost? Both of them looking over to see the boy that accompanied Ford on his walk around. A little taken unawares by this turn of events, the MiB points to Teddy saying their friend is a little worse for wear, and asks him if there's any water nearby. On the other side of the canyon the boy replies. He asks the boy to fetch them some, asking him to be quick as their friend is going to need some if he's going to make it. Looking after him, the MiB shrugs and comments "Too small." Prompting Lawrence to ask what that is supposed to mean? And why did he ask the boy to go for water, he's the one the MiB got to fill up the water bags that morning. As he says that, the MiB empties out the water in question onto the ground. Then sets it carefully on the ground underneath a strong bough of a tree, checking its positioning.

In the Hub, Felix and Sylvester are once again working on restoring Maeve, the two of them having divided the tasks, competing with one another to see who can finish first. Sylvester loudly declaring victory, saying he always wins. Felix complains Sylvester had the easier things to work on, while he had to deal with bullet wounds and a contained knife wound. Frowning a little he touches where it was, saying that it was almost like they were looking for something. He jumps in fright when Sylvester jerks the gurney. Sylvester laughing, teasing Felix at his fear that she was going to 'get him'. "It got off the table and ran!" Felix reminded him, sparking the his not putting her in sleep mode argument again. Only interrupted by the signal for their lunch hour. Sylvester says he has a ham sandwich and 'nubile red head loaded up in the VR tank' awaiting instruction. After he leaves, Felix takes off his gloves, and moves past Maeve, opening his locker to put his pad away on a high shelf...pausing to reach in further and gently brush the body of a small bird lying on a tray, before quickly closing the door.

Teddy, still looking deathly pale, his face a mass of cuts and heavy bruising, opens his eyes slowly where he's propped up against the tree. As he does, the MiB walks over to look down at him, and welcome him back. "Looks like a couple of gallons of Lawrence swirling about in you did you good." Still bleeding from open wounds in his side, arms, back, when the MiB asks him if he's ready to get back on the road, Teddy replies that the merciful thing would be to put a bullet in him. "Whoever said I was merciful?" the MiB replies, adding it's not his fault he's suffering. The MiB tells him "You used to be beautiful," meaning the hosts. When the place started, he recalls "I opened you up once. A million little perfect pieces. And then they changed you. Made you this sad, real, mess. Flesh and bone, just like us." He tells him they said they did it because it would improve the park 'experience', but why they really did it, was because it was cheaper. The host's humanity is cost effective, and so is Teddy's suffering.

Turning she sees a parade starting down the street of Pariah, made up of partying, skull and skeletal painted revelers. Logan calls out to 'Billy' who he's been looking for, drawing him away from Dolores, Slim telling him that "El Lazo" has agreed to have a meeting with them the following day, but in the meantime there is a brothel Slim recommends. William replies that he doesn't think Dolores would find that very interesting, riling Logan who reminds him again that she is 'a doll'. William asks him not to say that around her, he could swear she understands. Of course you do, Logan nods.

The brothel in Pariah is unlike any seen so far in Westworld. Huge, grandly decorated and orgiastic. Logan watching on at several couplings, as he drinks before he wanders back to William and Dolores sat uncomfortably on a couch. Captain Norris seated on it's twin across from them. When Logan asks Norris if he's not indulging, the Confederado tells him that he has tasted a greater pleasure than any offered there. War. It's that good, William enquires sarcastically. El Lazo approaches offering them another drink, Norris taking it telling him "There's a place in Glory for a brown man who knows his rank." El Lazo's smile not reaching his eyes. Dolores continuing to watch him closely, something he notices. Norris tries to convince William and Logan as white men to join their war of 'Divine Provenance'. Logan is keen, but William pulls him aside and says while Logan may want to continue on the War game, he's not going anywhere with these psychopaths. Logan suggests that if William doesn't like them, he could simply betray and kill the Confederados in the War and join the Revolutionaries. William stands firm on not doing this, and Logan calls him out for being upset at killing an unarmed man after he's finally let loose, and not being able to call himself a hero anymore. Logan asks him doesn't he get it yet? There are no heroes and no villains. 041b061a72


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