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Where To Buy Lara Bars

Introducing the Larabar Truffle Series. Pure decadence made from all real ingredients. Available in Double Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Chocolate Peanut Caramel Truffle. These delicious bars are Vegan, Gluten-free, Plant Based and made with Fair Trade Chocolate. So go ahead, treat yourself to some real indulgence.

where to buy lara bars


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Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and transfer the batter to the flat surface. Press the dough into a flat, bar-like shape. (You could use a rolling pin for this, but I just used my hands.) Once the dough is evenly thick, you can slice it into 8 bars.

Separate the bars and store them in a sealed container in the fridge for best shelf life. When you need to keep a snack in your purse or bag, simply wrap one of these bars tightly in plastic wrap or parchment paper, and it should last an entire day or two at room temperature.

My son and I love making these. We use sunflower seeds, alomonds, walnuts , cashews, brazil nuts. You name we have tried. I got my inspiration from kits organic bars they are similar only 3 or 4 ingriendents. It is cheaper to buy everthing separate though and make your own but for a quick snack we will grab the kits organic bars in a pinch. What is your opinion on those bars?

This is great!!!! I spend so much moolah on bars, and I always thought they would be so easy to make! If you try Thunderbird bars, I hope you post how to make those, too! The Thunderbird ones are AWESOME!!!!

My first time trying this recipe (so awesome to find!) was so delicious I brought one to work everyday as a snack. The only thing I wished for was less almonds because the consistency was more crunchy than larabars. So my second round I halved the amount of almonds and voila! Perfect!

Most of the ingredients used in Larabars are healthy, but they are some of the more high-calorie healthy foods. For example, nuts are very calorically dense. This is because fat contains 9 calories per gram, compared to only 4 calories per gram of protein or carbs.

My point is that Larabars have quite a bit of calories for the amount of space they fill in your stomach. They are quite calorically dense. And caloric density is one of the key concepts you should understand if you want to lose weight without counting calories.

Nine Larabar flavors have added sugar. The other twenty-one flavors do not contain added sugar. However, all Larabars contain a significant amount of total sugar from fruit, mostly dates.

I used the same loaf pan over and over; I put the loaf pan in the refrigerator while mixing the next version, then pulled out the wrapped loaf of bars, left them in the fridge, and started over with the same pan.

Not only do these bars make for a great on-the-go breakfast or snack, but they can practically be made while on the go. I whipped these up as I was packing three school lunches this morning and still got everyone out the door on time.

The ingredients are what they are, and the beauty of these recipes is the fact that you can make adjustments to your own personal taste. I can see making use of chocolate and grated citrus zest in several other bars. I plan to try all the flavor combinations in the near future.

I found that the bars were the right consistency when a ball formed in my food processor and the processor started dancing on my kitchen counter. The dark chocolate bars needed a tad of water to get to that stage. I used a cooking spray to slick my plastic wrap and the bars slipped right off.

I tried to replicate the the Cinnamon Bars Larabar and used the following amounts ad soaked the dates and raisins for about 5 minutes before formed them into balls instead of bars. There was no problem with them holding together. The taste is good but the bars need more cinnamon.

The total weight of mixture was 220g. Larabars are around 45 to 50 g per bar, so this would make around 4 1/2 Larabars. The nutritionals for 4 1/2 bars would be 206 kcal, 11.1g fat (1 g sat fat), 19 g carb (4.4 g fiber, 15.7 g sugar), 4.3 g protein.

I found Lara Bars and was very happy that many of the bars only contained a couple of ingredients, peanuts and dates and occasionally other nuts or dried fruits. I bought them often, but at over a dollar a bar, buying multiple Lara Bars adds up fast.

One of those areas is with granola and other snack bars. Previously I had no qualms about buying packaged bars provided they were nut free and safe for my youngest daughter. Label reading has made me rethink some things.

I think it is easier to put the ingredients in a gallon zip lock bag (or quart) depending on how big your batch is, press with your hands (or you can use a rolling pin if you wish). They form easily into a large rectangle the shape of the bag with no mess. Cut the bag open around the edges and cut the bars into squares. Voila. Easy and no mess.

Just wondered if you broke the nutrition value down on any of your new low sugar ideas? The cliff bars I have at the moment are 23 gms of sugar! I understand fruit is high, but wondering still how healthy that can be?

Where do you find dates at? I think I have seen them one time in the produce section of my store. It is possible that I have just overlooked them since I have never really used dates in cooking before. Can you find them anywhere else (like near the raisins)?

Thank you for sharing this, Jessica. Have you experimented with any other flavors yet? I love Larabars, but the cost makes me ration them! May have to play around with my food processor and see what I can come up with. My favorites are the cashew cookie one and the cappuccino.

Naturally, you can make these homemade Larabars just the way the instructions say, but sometimes it is nice to create a variety of the same recipe. Here are a few ideas of what you can put in when you make your own Larabar:

TIP: When you store this homemade Larabar recipe, place a piece of wax paper in the bottom of the container. This will prevent sticking, and you can layer the coconut Larabars easier.

TIP: To freeze the Whole30 Larabars, wrap them individually in plastic wrap or freezer bag, then place in an airtight container. Wrapping them separately will keep them from sticking to each other.

RECIPE CARD 4.95 from 20 votesWhole30 Homemade Larabars RecipeOnly 4 ingredients for this EASY homemade Larabars recipe! These paleo whole30 Larabars taste like real ones, but DIY Larabars are way cheaper.

After the Holidays I took the kids to Target to get our flu shots and right by the pharmacy was a little clearance section of snack bars. I usually only buy Kind or Larabars so when I saw the Larabar limited edition flavors I was a tad excited.

You just made me so happy! The gingerbread and the snikerdoodle were nowhere to be found! But the pumpkin pie seasonal I have all year round for some reason! But now one problem is solved ?Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted..Grain-Free Butternut Squash Bread

Hi, Love the blog. Such useful tips for making paleo seem achievable. So my question is for someone who is new to the paleo scene, and is trying to lose weight.. how often would you allow yourself one of these bars? Thanks!

This looks really yummy! Must make asap! And a tip in regards to the dates vs. Machines hassel. I recently found out that many arab stores/ greengrocers with large selections of different ethnic foods have pre-processed date paste in packs of ca. 500grams. (i am based in Copenhagen Denmark) All the ones i have seen 4-5 brands are 100% dates, no nasties. It has made it so easy for me to make balls/bars. Eliminates the struggle with the machine and the time used for taking out the seeds. You can just chop nuts (and cherries/apricots) in a blender/processer and mix it in with the date paste by hand, like it was cookie dough. 041b061a72


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