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Food is an important part of any culture and society around the globe. Until the last century, most people used to eat fresh, home-cooked food. Eating was a process that required certain preparations. But now, we see that they prefer to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers or fried chicken.

essays fast food

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These fast-food restaurants have become common in our streets, and they are visited by people of all ages. The popularity of these restaurants has increased internationally. There are many reasons why fast food becomes popular, and fast food also has some serious effects on humans and society.

The basic question is, what made fast food so popular this last century? One answer would be that the change of lifestyle in comparison to before is a cause for this. It pushes workers or people to eat fast food than cook food themselves.

For instance, two working parents are a good example of this. Due to their jobs, they do not have time to cook for their children or even themselves. As a consequence, they find it easier to order from these fast food restaurants rather than cooking. This is why they favor fast food over their own cooked food.

During the last couple of years, we saw a lot of advertisements and promotions for those restaurants. But there still remains a question on why do they spend to promote ineffective food, what are the reasons for these? The answer is that fast food is easy to cook. It does not take a long time to cook, and it is easily available in your hands. The shareholders of these businesses have their own goals, that of the profits they get from these restaurants.

Above, we have seen the causes that may have led to the flourishing of the fast-food industry. But what is more important is the effects it has on society and human beings. The major effect that fast food has on human beings is that it can get your health in danger status. First, we must say that fast food can cause vitamin deficiencies that may, in turn, help to cause diseases.

Obesity is one of the consequences of fast food on the human body. Obesity comes because fast food is the factor that enriches the body with fats. So people will become less healthy, less effective, and less productive, and this is the conclusion of obesity (Adams, 2007, pp. 155).

Another serious effect of the popularity of fast food presences is the loss of the family tradition of eating together. The family used to eat together, and thus they had the opportunity to talk with each other for daily problems.

In conclusion, it can be said that fast food has been born out of the modern way of living in our societies. Unfortunately, the effects it has on the human body and health are not positive. It also has other negative effects on the income of a family. It would be best if people avoid as much as they can do use fast foods.

When this concerns fast food restaurants and other quick services, there is such a concept that occurred in the USA in 1930s and spread all over the world named drive-through. In this respect, the drive-through services are aimed at reducing the throughput time and serving a maximum number of clients in the minimum time compared to other similar services.

s such, it is necessary to compare the throughput time in a conventional quick service restaurant and a drive-through restaurant of fast food because they both are aimed at serving the customers in a timely manner on the highest possible level appropriate for the service.

At the same time, the conventional fast food restaurant operates on a queue basis when every customer is served by one staff member which takes some time to receive the order, perform the order, give the order to customer, and receive the payment.

In this respect, electronic drive-through payment is one of the methods that make the drive-through process faster compared with the conventional fast food stores where the speed of serving orders depends on the skills of the staff members and the number of staff members in one shift with regard to the busy or not busy hours.

The drive-through concept can be considered one of the most effective in terms of the time needed for serving one customer. In other words, the order can be placed remotely to speed up its fulfilment and decrease the throughput time required to fulfil every order and increasing the throughput capacity of the fast food restaurant with drive-through services.

For instance, Schneiderman (2002) claims that system of electronic payment can be established through free Wi-Fi or simply through mobile internet when a customer who is in the fast food restaurant can submit payment through electronic payment system using a mobile phone. This process is claimed to increase the speed of serving in conventional fast food restaurants.

Fast food is a type of food that is designed to deliver the order in the quickest way possible available at any eating joints. Fast foods were developed to make the process of food serving as smooth as possible, and it indeed has been able to meet its demands in the best ways possible.

As the name suggests, fast foods are food items that are quickly made, quickly served and quickly eaten. Life today has become fast, and the changes in the lifestyle of people have gotten them addicted to food items that can be readily made. Fast food is the name coined for food items that are either available pre-cooked or can be cooked in a lesser time than regular food.

People find it desirable and convenient to eat such food items as they please their taste buds more than regular food. Fast foods can be easily prepared without much hustle and are served in many places like take-outs, sit-down restaurants, counter services, drive-thru and delivery.

Fast food has gained its popularity as it is convenient, tastes good and inexpensive. Fast food was created as a commercial strategy to accommodate the larger number of by travellers, wage workers and commuters who often did not have the time to sit down at a table and wait for their meal.

Processed food items like pizzas, noodles, white bread, diet soda etc. are various fast foods. Fast food is often prepared with ingredients that are cheap such as high-fat meat, added sugar and fats and refined grains instead of nutrient ingredients such as whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables and fresh fruits.

Fast foods have several side effects. Eating fast food has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, colorectal cancer, insulin resistance condition and depression. Excessive consumption of fast foods results in affecting the brain, which in turn results in affecting the mental health of the person.

Fast foods have no or very less nutritional value and can be extremely unhealthy. Fast foods have several side effects, and the most immediate effect is on the energy levels that reach their peak on the consumption of fast food items. As one eats a quick snack, the temptation to have more is a result due to this spike in energy levels. Sometimes even the energy levels remain high, causing sleep disorders.

Along with the risks of developing obesity and pumping your body with doubtful chemicals, eating fast food often means exposing almost every organ of your body to dangers. For example, it becomes much easier to get kidney diseases: because fast food is often salty and greasy, it increases blood pressure, makes you want to drink all kinds of soda drinks (which are unhealthy in their own way), and affects kidneys adversely. Besides, due to high amounts of cholesterol and triglyceride contained in fast food, your cardiovascular system suffers as well. This is not to mention the fact that processed fats in fries and other junk food, when supplied to the brain instead of nutrition, affect cognitive abilities in a negative way. In particular, according to research conducted on rats, a week of daily fast food consumption caused memory impairment in test subjects. And, as if this was not enough, junk food increases your chances to get cancer (Beauty and Tips).

As it can be seen, cheap and tasty food is not what your body needs. To start with, when eating fast food regularly, you put yourself (or your children, if you tolerate their fast food habits) at risk of developing obesity, and possibly type 2 diabetes. Some crucial organs of your body such as kidneys, heart, and brain, suffer from junk food immensely. And, if adverse health effects are not enough for you, think about preservatives, antibiotics, and other chemicals you stuff your body with when eating fast food.

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Current plans for government regulation include mandates on food quality, portion control, and healthier options for fast food restaurants, in a $200 million budget plan (Balko, 2004). Soda in vending machines would be banned, as well as potato chips and other fatty snacks, in schools around the country. A fat tax on high-calorie foods has also been proposed as well, making fast food companies pay more for the privilege of serving their food to the average American. That would presumably drive prices up and convince many Americans to seek other alternatives (Balko, 2004).

As it stands today, many people are fed on fast food multiple times a day (Zinczenko, 2002). These companies provide quickly made, good-tasting food that is affordable to eat, many popular establishments allowing you to feed yourself for a dollar. Due to corn subsidies making sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup cheap, more and more people are turning to fast food as the viable way to feed a low-income family. The increasingly fast pace of American lifestyles also makes taking the time to cook healthier meals much less available, making even active and affluent individuals turn to fast food in order to find the convenient way to feed themselves.


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