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Kingdom Come Deliverance Increase Carry Weight PORTABLE

In the early game your best bet is to get to 4 strength quickly by fighting a lot with melee weapons. From strength 2 to 4 you get roughly +20 inventory limit increase just from the level-ups. And then buy the Mule I sub-skill for another +15. This way you can carry 97 pounds quite early in the game. A big step up from the 60-something you start with!

kingdom come deliverance increase carry weight

The amount that you can carry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is determined by your carry weight capacity, the specific amount of which can be seen at the bottom of your inventory. You begin the game with around 76 capacity, but this can be increased beyond 200 with the appropriate combination of stat and perk investments. Even with a carry capacity of 200+, you will find yourself struggling to carry more than your basic armour, weapons and supplies, leaving space for only a small amount of loot. Fortunately, there are two ways in which you can store items, both on the go and at home.

The main method to increase carry weight capacity is by working on your Strength skill which contributes to the amount you can carry with each increase in level. The easiest way to do this is by frequently fighting or sparring opponents. In addition, at Strength levels 4, 8 and 12 you will be able to invest in the perks Mule I, Mule II and Mule III which increase carry weight capacity by 15, 20 and 25 respectively.

The horse inventory is the most convenient way to store items that you might require in the wilderness, such as alternative armour and weapon builds or additional food supplies. The carry weight capacity of a horse is much greater than your own, able to be increased well beyond 400 with the Heavy Duty Pony perk and upgrades in saddlebags. In addition you can visit horse traders to purchase a new horse with superior carry weight capacity. The horse inventory offers the added bonus of being able to access its contents without the need for the horse to be by your side. It is also especially useful in situations where you have a lot of poached meat or bandit / Cuman armour to carry away and sell.

Home chests are not portable in the same way that the Horse Inventory is, but they have their own benefits in the form of an unlimited carry weight capacity and shared storage between them. This means that wherever Henry owns a bed in the world, the chest beside it will carry the same items as every other chest that he owns, including chests located in temporary accommodation such as lodgings. Home chests are particularly useful for storing items that you are likely to use only in settlements such as fancy clothes, books, keys and herbs.

It is worth checking your inventory on a regular basis for any unnecessary items that might be needlessly contributing to your overall carry weight. The most common culprits include stackable items such as repair kits, arrows, potions and herbs.

It felt wrong to me that all the mods in place just increase the base carry weight. From my point of view, as in the vanilla game, the weight should increase with the level rise and not be completely without consequences. So I ended up creating this mod

The total carrying capacity is composed as follows: base carry weight + increase by your strength level + Mule I, II, III. You only get the full carrying capacity of the mod if you decide to use all three Mule Perks.

In Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), horses are important to reach your destination quickly. Especially, you can use them to escape from bandits and also you can increase your inventory capacity so that you can carry more loot to traders. In KCD, there are three different ways to get horses - You can buy a horse from traders in the game. To do this, you have to find the question marks in each location. Once you have discovered the stables in a settlement, you can examine the horses and buy them from the stable owner.- You can also steal a horse. Probably the simplest method, but this is not recommended, as stolen horses are not really yours.- The last method is to follow the main quest until you automatically get a horse. The last method is more appropriate at the beginning of the game. Follow the main quest until you return with Hans Capon from the hunt and start the quest The Hunt Begins". You are now in the Rattay and should report to Captain Bernard. Do this and he will give you your first own horse - Pebbles! Pebbles is your first horse in the game. It has the following values: Speed: 28 and Carrying Capacity: 182.Get Roach from The Witcher! (Easter Egg)As a little Easter Egg you can also buy the legendary horse Roach from the Witcher series in KCD. You just have to go to Merhojed . This is a small town south of Samopesch and west of Talmberg.You can buy the Roach from the stable owner Johann. The following map shows you the exact location of roach.Find EponaEpona enjoys her comfortable life in the village Neuhof, whichis located northeast of Rattay. Talk to the stable owner, Zora - that should befamiliar to Zelda fans. Zora will sell you Epona with the following values: Speed: 38 and Carrying Capacity: 212If you are looking for a horse that has big lungs? ThenEpona is the right choice!Values and Advantages of Horses In KCDNow that you have a horse, you can examine it in the menu under the item "horse" and equip. In addition, you can also increase the skill of riding. Horses have six spur, saddle, bridle, armor, blinders, and horseshoe equipment. This equipment can be purchased from traders or otherwise looted. This is not only pure decoration, but gradually improves the values of your horse. A horse has the following values:- Speed: This value indicates how fast your horse is in the gaits step, trot, canter and gallop. Speed is also affected by how much weight your horse carries.- Carrying Capacity: Indicates how many pounds of load a horse can haul. You can increase this value with better saddles and saddlebags.- Courage: The braver a horse is, the more noise and restlessness it can tolerate before it shies and passes.- Health: Horses, like your character, can be damaged and lose health. However, horses can not die. When the health is exhausted, life slowly regenerates over time.- Endurance: If you gallop or squat, your horse loses stamina. You then have to spare it a bit, so that it can regenerate endurance again. Incidentally, you can call your horse at any time using the triangle / Y / X button. Exceptions are stolen horses that will not listen to your whistle.

Depending on your answers to two questions, you can put both points into one stat or spread them around. If you tend to hoard items in RPGs, pick strength to maximise your carry weight. Agility and vitality are useful, but I recommend putting both points into speech. This will help you pass initial persuasion checks, escape from guards and avoid some fights.

Your New World carry weight limit can be easily seen in the inventory tab. Each explorer starts with a 200 weight limit to store valuable resources, gear, items, rations, and everything New World has to offer.

Your carrying limit is not dependent on any of your stats like most RPGs. Increasing your strength will also increase it once you get the 2nd strength attribute bonus from your attributes buff. But, the best way to increase it is by equipping bags or satchels.

While progressing in the game, you will eventually finish a level 9 quest that rewards you with a satchel. This satchel will increase your carrying capacity by 50. You will be able to equip this in one of your bag slots.

The carry weight was an issue I eventually changed (using console commands), because I realised I was actually spending more time sorting out overencumbrance than actually playing / enjoying the game - and at that tipping point, why the hell are you playing the game anyway? I'm not doing stock management, I'm trying to play an RPG :P

Now you can carry an extra 100000 on top of your base carry weight. Also your carry weight ability will still increase as you level up. If you ever want to take it away just type all of that again & put a - in front of the numerical value.

LOL! Nah... I don't want God mode or stuff like that. I just like to adjust my carry weight, give myself plenty of resources for building settlements, & plenty of caps. That is the limit I have set on myself for cheating in this game. Aside from that I like to experience the game vanilla for the first time.

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